Class Descriptions


2019-2020 Class Descriptions

New dancers of all levels are required to take a placement class in order to be placed in an appropriate level. Ages listed below act as a guideline only. Placement will be dependent on dancer’s experience, prior training and ability. 

Conservatory Evening Program 

Ballet 1 - (Ages 5/6/7) — As our Conservatory’s youngest level, this class introduces the art form of ballet in an inspirational environment. Ballet 1 students will be shown the structure and discipline of a ballet class. Theses dancers will learn proper ballet etiquette, learn to follow directions and instruction, and learn basic ballet terminology. This level will discover how their bodies can move in different ways, and throughout the year, they will become aware of themselves, other dancers, and the use of space around them. Committed dancers can begin to take part in SPBC’s performances at this level. Two Technique classes per week are offered. 

Ballet 1A - (Ages 7/8/9) - Continuing after Ballet 1, the importance of ballet ettiequte, following directions and instruction, and learning basic ballet terminology will continue to be a main focus - along with understanding muscular strength, practicing coordination, balance, flexibility, memory, and use of rhythm and musicality to build a proper foundation for future training. Three Technique classes per week are offered. 

Ballet 2 - (Ages 8/9/10) - Continuing after Ballet 1A, the importance of building strength and flexibility by repetition with proper technique will be practiced. Terminology and steps will continue to be learned, along with the dancers’ understanding of their own muscular strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, memory, and use of rhythm and musicality. Two Technique classes per week are offered. 

Ballet 2A - (Ages 9/10/11) - Students in this level will learn patterning skills and the process of combining steps and rhythms. The use of routine and repetition will be demonstrated during their classes. Focus on strength and endurance will be developed in these classes in order to prepare for more intense training in their future. This is also the group we will start to look at for those who are demonstrating commitment and strength in order to receive permission to get their first pair of pointe shoes. Three Technique classes per week are offered.  

Ballet 3 - (Ages 11/12/13) - These intermediate level dancers have had a minimum of 3 years of previous training and are looking to increase their intensity of training. These budding dancers now are incorporating the study of pointe work, variations, and stretch and strength classes in addition to their multiple technique classes. A minimum of 5 classes per week are encouraged.  

Ballet 4 - (Ages 13/14/15)  and Ballet 5 - (15+) - Ballet 4 and 5 students are exploring their options of becoming a professional dancer or having a career in the world of dance. After four years of advanced training, they are beginning to master their musicality, movement, performance qualities and self disciplinary skills. These classes are for those serious students wishing to receive the most out of their training in order to prepare for a future in dance. A minimum of 6 classes per week are encouraged. 

Adult Ballet - (Ages 18+) - Previously danced and want to exercise with purpose? Never danced, but want to be in shape like a dancer? This class is for you! A fun way to exercise without judgement in a professional dance environment. Two classes per week are offered. 

Conservatory Pre-Professional Day Program - Join the St. Petersburg Ballet Conservatory’s Artistic Director for the pre-professional day program to further develop your skills to prepare for the competitive professional dance world or college. With 20 hours per week of intense training in a 4,200 sq ft studio, in classes including technique, pointe, variations, and choreography, you'll never be intimidated by a large stage! These dancers will also be presented with opportunities to perform multiple times throughout the year in addition to SPBC’s yearly performance schedule.