Class Descriptions


Ballet I

Ages 5-7 : This class of young dancers expand upon their knowledge of ballet and begin to discover what their bodies can do. One class per week is offered. 

Ballet II

Ages 8-9 : Ballet II is where dancers begin to strengthen their bodies. They start feeling the music and assimmilate the movement of their bodies to learn the art of performing. Two classes per week are encouraged.


10-12 years old with a minimum 2 years of training : Intermediate dancers have had previous training and want to become more intensive with their training. These budding dancers are now learning choreography and perfoming variations and taking that next step. 5 classes per week encouraged. 


13 years of age and older with a minimum 4 years of training : Advanced dancers are exploring their options of becoming a professional dancer. After four years of advanced training, they are beginning to master their musicality, movement, performance qualities and choreography skills. 6 classes per week encouraged.

Pre-Professional Program

Join the St. Petersburg Ballet Conservatory artistic director for the pre-professional day program to further develop your skills to prepare for the competitive professional dance world or college. With 20 hours per week of intense training in a 3,800 sq ft studio, you'll never be intimidated by a large stage!

Adult Ballet

Ages 18-108: Previously danced and want to exercise with purpose? Never danced, but want to be in shape like a dancer? This class is for you! A fun way to exercise without judgement in a professional dance environment. Two  classes per pweek areofered.f