Servy Gallardo, co-Founder, Chief Choreographer & Artistic Director

servy gallardo st petersburg ballet conservatory artistic director

As our founding artistic director, Servy brings a wealth of knowledge, talent, creativity and notoriety to our school and the area to share with all dancers.

Allexandra Gallardo, Youth Director & Costume Mistress

Allexandra Allexe Gallardo st petersburg ballet conservatory

Allexe enjoys working on progressing young minds in their ballet training, teaching them the importance of hard work and to respect this beautiful art form.

Iliana Babadjanova, Classical Ballet Instructor


Iliana Babadjanova is a classical ballet instructor and choreographer.  Her extensive education and performance career bring a great addition to the instruction at SPBC. 


Brian Melton, co-Founder & Executive Director


 Who says dreams don't come true? Brian's vision for SPBC began many years ago and came to fruition when the ideology and aspiration for a school of this kind aligned with Servy Gallardo.  You are always welcome to come experience the school we've created along with our SPBC Family.

Anna Melton, co-Founder & Relationship Director


Anna is our Relationship Director for parents and dancers alike. If you have ideas or questions, please reach out to her. Opening SPBC was a long-time dream come true and she is always open to listening to our family!

Volunteers / Administrative

Holly Beam, Costume Designer and Seamstress


Vanessa Javate, Volunteer Coordinator, National Honor Society for Dance Arts


Brianna Melton, Administrative & Sponsorship Coordinator